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About Milstead Automotive Group

About Milstead Automotive Group

We are a family-owned and operated, full service automotive repair facility servicing the areas of Montgomery and Harris County. The company was founded in 1971 by Dick Milstead where he offered customers honest, quality auto repair from his 2 car garage. Since that time, we have grown into a 29 bay facility where we offer our customers the latest technology and equipment. Regardless if your vehicle is foreign or domestic feel secure that Milstead has the right equipment to service or repair your automotive or transmission needs.

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Milstead also has the largest fleet of towing and recovery vehicles in Montgomery County and has a dispatch 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are proud of our team and it is Milstead’s goal to provide exceptional customer service with honest advice to help make your automotive repair experience as easy and pleasurable as possible. Mr. Milstead’s legacy will continue as his daughter Amy Milstead works diligently to keep “Milstead” in the forefront of the automotive industry.

Dick Milstead

Dick Milstead :: CEO
Mr. Milstead was born in Lufkin, TX in 1943. After a short stay in Lufkin and Houston, his family moved to a small community outside of Franklin, TX where he would remain until graduating high school. Upon graduation, Mr. Milstead moved to Houston and in 1971 opened what is now known as Milstead Automotive & Transmission. Growing up on a ranch, Mr. Milstead learned at an early age the value of a hard day’s work and what it meant to be honest and have integrity. The lessons learned carried over with him when he began Milstead and have been ingrained into his management and employees. Mr. Milstead is very involved with all aspects of the business and can be found on most weekends at his ranch where he was raised.

Amy MilsteadAmy Milstead :: President Milstead Automotive / Vice-President Milstead Collision
Amy Milstead was born into the business and has been active in the daily activities since she was a small child. Amy was required to put in her dues starting with the entry level jobs and eventually she worked her way to the top as President of Milstead Automotive and Vice-President of Milstead Collision.

Her commitment to the community is reflected in a variety of community-based service projects and nonprofit organizations associated with Montgomery County. Additionally, Amy views environmental conservation as a responsibility to her community and future generations.

Amy Milstead's credits include Leadership Montgomery County 2003, Board member, Montgomery County Youth Services; Vice-President, South Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce; Vice Chair, Texas Department of License Regulations; Advisory Board, Texas Towing Storage & Booting (TTSB) and Vice Chair, Texas Towing & Storage Association, Chairman of the Board.

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