Tire Tips to Prepare for Fall

October 7th, 2014

tires spring txAs the first leaves of fall drop in Spring, TX, Milstead Automotive is eager to assist customers in preparing their tires for seasonal travel. Through comprehensive tire repair and installation, Milstead Automotive is prepared with the highest quality products and machinery to quickly service tires for fall. Shop Milstead Automotive’s complete selection of brand name tires including: BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear and Michelin Tires. Trust Milstead Automotive tire specialist for all tire services this season for improved vehicle safety and motility.

As leaves accumulate on roadways they can provide dangerous or slippery conditions for drivers as tires can easily lose traction. Driving on wet leaves is similar to driving on ice as surface structure is not stable and can quickly cause an accident. Reduce chances for ...[more]

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Save on Auto Repairs with Transmission Services

August 1st, 2014

transmission repair spring texasInvesting in the future of drivers in the Spring, TX area, Milstead Automotive constantly searches for cost effective ways to keep customers current with auto repair and maintaining top vehicle operations. Sustaining proper vehicle maintenance begins with ensuring regular auto repairs such as: oil changes, belt replacements and fluid refills are regularly scheduled and updated. Servicing all the complexities of vehicle engines, Milstead Automotive encourages customers to add transmission repair and services to their routine vehicle upkeep, as small repairs now can save costly repairs in the future.

Responsible for shifting gears to control speed and wheel power, there is no engine component more intricate or crucial than a vehicle’s transmission. Milstead ...[more]

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Give the Gift of Life – Memorial Blood Drive 06/27/14

June 3rd, 2014

Below is a recent Press Release regarding our upcoming Memorial Blood Drive

by: Amy Milstead

Any automotive accident is devastating, but no grief can possibly compare to the heartbreak of losing a loved one at the hands of impaired driving. Entirely avoidable and selfishly reckless, impaired driving prematurely takes the lives of over 17,000 drivers and passengers per year. This June give your support to the memorial of drunk driving victims and join Milstead Automotive in giving the most valuable gift one person can give another- the gift of life.

To parti ...[more]

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Lipsticks and Dipsticks- Milstead-a-Go-Go 05/15/2014

May 12th, 2014

Below is a recent Press Release regarding our upcoming Lipsticks and Dipsticks- Milstead-a-Go-Go.

by: Amy Milstead

Whether you are dropping the kids off to school, trying to survive the morning commute or taking a shopping trip with friends, every woman needs a dependable vehicle they can rely on to conquer everything life throws at them. At Milstead Automotive staff understands when it comes to auto repair and maintenance women are often uninformed and left to feel helpless about their vehicle. The most important tool any person can have to ensure the safety and reliability of their vehicle is knowledge of how it operates, with this in mind Milstead Automotive has taken special steps to support the women of the Woodlands area to better understand their vehicle in a fun, understanding environment.

Join Milstead Automotive on Thursday, May 15th at their location on Hawthorne Drive for the ultimate girl’s night out. Lipsticks and Dipsticks is ...[more]

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Are New Tires on Your Back to School List? - Milstead Automotive

March 6th, 2014

by: Amy Milstead



Fall is in the air, and that can mean only one thing: it’s back to school time! As you run through your back to school checklist- pencils, notebooks, binders, books, and tires- yes, you read that correctly: TIRES. Why add new tires to your back to school checklist? Because now is the BEST time to get new tires for you or your student’s vehicle. Whether you are carpooling your students around, want something dependable for your extra-curricular high school smarty, or need that reliable vehicle for your independent college bound kid- making sure you get the best start to a new school year means starting with repla ...[more]

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Do You Ask the Right Questions? - Milstead Automotive

March 6th, 2014

car-repair-servicesby: Amy Milstead



Your mechanic or auto repair technician should possess the same qualities that you expect from your doctor and dentist; namely trust and reliability. Car owners have a lot at stake when seeking vehicle maintenance and repairs, it's very important to find the right auto repair technician. There are three categories of inquiries you should make about his business: the skill level of the workers, the price of th ...[more]

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Lipsticks And Dipsticks

March 5th, 2014

Lipsticks and Dipsticks Logo

Would you like us to share our presentation at your event?
Would you like us to do a private seminar for you or somone you know?
Contact Elizabeth Williams for more details.


May 15, 2014   29707 W Hawthorne- Milstead-a-Go-Go from 5:30 pm to 7pm

September 11, 2014 29707 W Hawthorne

Stay tuned for more details and information!

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Last Call

March 1st, 2014

by: Amy Milstead



Milstead Towing & Recovery, a division of Milstead Automotive Group, has introduced Last Call, a DUI prevention towing program created to provide people under the influence of alcohol with an alternative to get themselves, their friends and their vehicle home safely.

Milstead Automotive Last Call ProgramMilstead’s Last Call program was recently endorsed by Assistant District Attorney and Vehicular Crimes Chief Warren Diepramm, who said "it is strongly encouraged that if you choose to drink, you avail yourself of designated drivers or other resources such as Milstead's Last Call program to avoid a DWI arrest or worse. A tow under this program is at least 100 times cheaper than a DWI arrest, which will cost you at least $5,000."

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