Last Call

March 1st, 2014

by: Amy Milstead



Milstead Towing & Recovery, a division of Milstead Automotive Group, has introduced Last Call, a DUI prevention towing program created to provide people under the influence of alcohol with an alternative to get themselves, their friends and their vehicle home safely.

Milstead Automotive Last Call ProgramMilstead’s Last Call program was recently endorsed by Assistant District Attorney and Vehicular Crimes Chief Warren Diepramm, who said "it is strongly encouraged that if you choose to drink, you avail yourself of designated drivers or other resources such as Milstead's Last Call program to avoid a DWI arrest or worse. A tow under this program is at least 100 times cheaper than a DWI arrest, which will cost you at least $5,000."

"We answer a lot of calls for wrecks caused by drivers who have had too much to drink, and the scene is usually devastating to not only the victim but the driver and their families," said Amy Milstead, Milstead Automotive Group vice president. "Our Last Call program will hopefully make people under the influence and their friends think about the consequences, and know that they have an easy alternative to get home. We also hope that restaurants and clubs will have Last Call on their speed dial so that we can help their patrons avoid a horrible situation."

For a flat rate of $50, Milstead Towing & Recovery will transport a person or persons and their vehicle home safely within a 10-mile radius of the pick-up location, no questions asked, helping to better ensure their safety and the safety of area streets and highways.

Milstead’s Last Call program allows everyone on the road the opportunity to arrive alive and eliminates the possibility of getting pulled over and receiving a DUI. It also eliminates the wait for a taxi, the embarrassment of having to call a friend or family member for a ride or the risk of having your vehicle towed or impounded.

To make Milstead your Last Call, dial (281) 968-5190.

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